Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to anyone using our services at SaveOnBills so please take time to read and understand them.

We work with third-party companies ( Electricity, Gas, Telecoms, Merchant Services and Photovoltaic Solar Specialists) to find the best provider for the service you require. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Services Team at info@saveonbills.ie 

What we will do for you

The information you provide us when you complete the online application form is the basis for us providing you with the very best quote for your Home or Business.

The Steps are as follows:

  • You fill the short application form and attach/upload your latest Utility Bill (make sure to attach all pages)
  • We check the prices from the leading providers to find you the best quote to save you money
  • We’ll ask you to confirm you are happy to proceed
  • For electricity and gas, we’ll ask you to take a quick photo of your Meter reading and email / WhatsApp it to us
  • From there just sit back and let us take care of the switching process for you.


We’ll even remind you when your contract is coming to an end again and we’ll come back to you with the best quote available
With SaveOnBills you’ll always stay in a contract so you’ll always pay the most competitive prices for your Electricity, Gas, Phone, Broadband, Merchant Services and Photovoltaic Solar.

Reliable information: We strive to ensure the quotes we provide through the SaveOnBills service are accurate and up to date, but tariffs and prices can and do change with little or no notice from time to time. We will confirm the tariff you are switching to again before we change you over to your new provider.

We will provide you with the best latest prices/tariff changes to suit your needs, unfortunately with Electricity and Gas prices the quote we give you will only be valid for 5 days for Commercial customers, this is due to very high fluctuation in these markets at this present time. after this, if you haven’t gone ahead and permitted us to switch you over – you will be required to request a new quote based on the information you gave us previously so please make sure if you are happy with your original quote from us you to permit us to sign you up asap with your new provider. 

Smooth application process: We will try to ensure the process of choosing a new energy supplier and your subsequent application to switch your energy supplier runs smoothly. However, please remember that we only facilitate the switch to your new supplier, and once you’ve completed your application with us, your new supplier is responsible for completing the switch.

Your personal data: SaveOnBills takes the security of your personal data seriously and will use the information you provide us in accordance with our Privacy Policy

What you should do for us

Please provide us with accurate information because the quotes you obtain through the SaveOnBills service will only be suitable if you do so.

Please ensure you accurately provide all the information requested in the SaveOnBills application form, because a failure to do so may well result in delays in us being able to quote you. We have an Additional Information box on the application form for you to add any extra details you think may be relevant to your application.

Photovoltaic Solar

While every effort will be made to quote you accurately for your Photovoltaic Solar System, certain issues do occur once in a while such as an unclear satellite image of your roof area or alterations having been made to the roof since the satellite image was taken, this may limit the number of panels that can be installed on your home or business and may change the price quoted somewhat.  An engineer is then sent to inspect your property on an agreed date and time who will measure your roof, locate a suitable space in your attic to fit an inverter and inspect the main fuse board, the main wiring will also be checked to make sure it’s up to the standards required. This is done to reaffirm all the information provided to us in the questionnaire is accurate and to highlight and find a solution for any issues that may arise on inspection.

The good news is that the majority of Photovoltaic systems can be installed and quoted accurately. An engineer may make some small adjustments to the size/layout of your system if deemed necessary. Solar will always be fitted on a South facing unshaded roof where possible, the other options are West or East facing roofs but they can also be fitted on a large unshaded garage/shed roof ideally with a fuse board inside.  A third option where no roof space is suitable is a ground-mounted installation on a specially made frame.

Your quotation price will be valid for 14 calendar days subject to a full inspection of the preferred installation area by a Solar Photovoltaic engineer,  If you are happy to proceed with the given quote your contract will be then between you and the chosen Photovoltaic Solar Supplier –  all communication at this stage is through them for any additional queries or changes you may wish to make to your Solar installation thereafter.

Other important things you need to know

Cancellation: If for some reason you change your mind and decide not to switch your energy supplier, then please contact your new energy supplier to let them know.

You will have a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel without charge. Additional information can be provided by your energy supplier.

We are not an energy supplier: Please remember that we only facilitate the switching of your energy supplier. Any energy contract you enter into as a result of using the SaveOnBills service will be between you and your new energy supplier. We will not be a party to that contract, and so will not have any responsibility for any loss you may suffer as a result of you signing a new energy contract.

Fixed-price tariffs: if you are thinking of either switching to or from a fixed-price tariff, please remember that you will probably be charged an early termination fee by your provider if you choose to leave the fixed-price tariff before the end of your fixed-price period.

We would love to hear from you!

Without you we would not have a business so your views are very important to us, that’s why if you have any views or suggestions about how we can make our service even better then please let us know at info@saveonbills.ie